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The North London Refurbishment

With the cost of living and interest rates set to rise for everyone, savvy homeowners are looking at ways to save, even if it means spending now.

Elastospray LWP full fill cavity insulation

Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

Staying cosy indoors can be a real challenge this time of year. With presents to buy, parties to attend and families to feed, home finances can be a real nightmare before Christmas. That’s why the prospect of a crippling heating bill too is something so many of us desperately wish to avoid.

Cold Inside

Spotlight on Isotech Sprayfoam

This month we shine ECON’s Foam Master Spotlight on Isotech Sprayfoam. BBA-approved Insulation Contractors Isotech Sprayfoam are BBA-approved insulation contractors who specialise in closed-cell polyurethane spray foam...

Isotech Sprayfoam


No time? No problem! Start using topical industry buzzwords, unlocked for you in less than a minute by ECON. Today we’re answering ‘What the HECK is LRR?’

LRR Elastospray LWP

Elastospray LWP Spray Foam: Boxing Clever

Condensation can be a big problem for indoor gyms. Read how British Insulation Services used BASF Elastospray LWP spray foam to deliver a knock-out blow to Nechells Green Amateur Boxing Club’s condensation woes.

Elastospray LWP Spray Foam

Are Robots Getting a Bad Rap?

From the outset, popular culture has given robots something of a bad wrap Whatever the advantages, most fictional narratives portray robots as malevolent forces with hidden agendas.

Qbot Robots

Spotlight on… Cisco Homes Ltd

Cisco Homes Ltd is the focus of this month's ECON Foam Master Spotlight. Warmer, Happier Homes After many years running successful sales teams, Stuart Umney saw an opportunity to create warmer, happier homes across the UK...

Spotlight on CISCO Homes Ltd

The Nissen Hut Project

Do you own a Nissen Hut that could be earning you thousands each year? A Money-Making Idea In late 2007, two budding entrepreneurs, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, came up with a money-making idea to help pay their San Francisco rent. They put an air bed in their...

Nissen Hut