Pile Rendering with BASF WALLTITE

Oct 29, 2020

BASF WALLTITE high density spray foam can be used in place of shotcrete on secant and contiguous pile constructions. WALLTITE is applied in liquid state, forming a high strength foam on contact that rapidly cures to give a reliable and robust surface.

BASF WALLTITE rigid polyurethane foam has undergone numerous tests including compressive strength, modulus elasticity and substrate adhesion and has demonstrated the performance required to be considered an alternative to more traditional shotcrete applications. Versatility and ease of application make WALLTITE a real alternative.

WALLTITE is an ideal product on city centre sites with tight access and minimal storage areas, due to the fact that WALLTITE can be applied by single operatives using compact high-pressure equipment. Further, the raw materials are packaged in 250 litre drums which can be easily stored and transported throughout the site.

If you’d like to discuss WALLTITE as an alternative to Shotcrete o your next project please get in touch info@econ-pu.com