Technical resources

Quality and Certifications of the materials used

We distribute only BASF construction polyurethanes. BASF is the world’s leading chemical company and largest producer of polyurethane coatings and insulation materials. Our products are full accredited with KIWA, NSAI Agrément Systems, Agrément Certification and NSAI Certifications. You can view the Certs below.

Accuracy of the Pre-installation Assessment

Not all structures are suitable for every type of insulation. Therefore, every structure needs to be assessed first to see if the correct pre-conditions exist, (including moisture management), that make that particular structure suitable for the type of insulation proposed. Our installers will explain what these pre-conditions are for the type of insulation you are considering and, after inspection, will advise you whether your building is suitable. You can read our blog about that relates to the correct pre-conditions for spray foam insulation for roofs only here.

Quality of the Installation

Our registered contractors/installers are trained in the BASF-approved contractors scheme, known as FOAM MASTERS. This scheme ensures that contractors who install our products are fully trained and supported by our technical team. Contractors must attend courses at our training centre in BASF Alfreton, Derbyshire and on completion are included in our database of accredited installers and a photo identity card is issued. Once a trained FOAM MASTER, our technical team will help our contractors to ensure compliance with installation methodology, detailing advice and u-value / condensation risk analysis as well as advice on correct application and intricate interfacing with other construction elements. Foam Master contractors undergo ongoing audits by our technical personnel. We support contractors to enable them to be fully compliant with National Standards, Code of Practice and Building Regulations. Find out more about Foam Masters here.

Product data and certifications can appear complicated when unfamiliar. Please feel free to contact our technical team with any queries you may have.

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