The North London Refurbishment

Dec 20, 2021

By Tom Langlands

Marketing Executive, ECON Polyurethanes

With average house prices hovering around the £800,000 mark, being a homeowner in North London can be an expensive affair.   The cost of living and interest rates are set to rise for everyone, so savvy homeowners are looking at long and short-term ways to save, even if it means spending now.  Given the spiraling fossil fuel prices, one effective cost-cutting remedy is overhauling ineffective, or even non-existent, insulation, with an insulation system that retains warmth for longer. This way, higher levels of comfort can be enjoyed despite spending significantly less on fuel bills.

North London Homeowner

This was exactly what one North London homeowner was seeking when they contacted BASF Foam Masters, Spray Insulations Ltd.

Inadequate Insulation

The home consisted of a huge, period house with multiple levels, high ceilings, open areas, roof spaces, and generally inadequate insulation.  The pitched roof throughout the structure consisted of wooden rafters, in some instances just 100mm thick, that couldn’t meet U-value requirements using conventional insulation materials like mineral wool fibre.

Effective Solution

The owners wanted a quick and effective solution to help them slash their massive energy bills.  As the property remained habitable, they wanted a solution that would cause minimal disruption and create little to no mess.

Elastospray LWP

Spray Insulations Ltd opted for closed-cell, KIWA-certified Elastospray LWP. The eco-friendly spray foam can be installed across large, hard-to-fill areas, like roofing situated above stairwells and around skylights, quickly and effectively. The expanding foam creates a seamless airtight insulation system with no joints or gaps. It can also add additional structural strength to treated areas as well as prevent condensation.

Full Fill

The owner was keen to get to the root of their insulation problem with a full fill. Elastospray filled the cavity space between the timber framework and was then cut back flush with the timber, ready to be boarded with insulated plasterboard


Spray Insulations Ltd, BASF-approved Foam Masters, installed the foam in all the roof and wall cavity spaces making once drafty rooms warm and cosy.  The breathable spray foam also helps combat condensation and strengthens roof structures.

Warmer House

In no time at all Spray Insulations Ltd was able to install a highly efficient insulation system.  Once the full fill install was cut back it was ready to be plasterboarded and re-decorated.  With over 25% of heat lost through roofs, the owners will achieve their goal of living in a warmer house and reducing their energy bills.

Further Information

Whatever your insulation needs, find out more about BASF Elastospray LWP here.

You can find out more about Spray Insulations by reading our recent Foam Master Spotlight on them here.

If you require help on your insulation project, whatever your challenge, ECON polyurethanes would be delighted to assist you. Simply complete our project contact form.

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